4 Tips to Explain Employment Gaps in an Interview

  1. Be Prepared to Talk About It – Regardless of why you have a gap in your employment history, you will need to offer an explanation to the person that you’re interviewing with. Before you walk into the interview have a plan of how you want to approach the subject. You want your message to come across in a confident and positive manner. 
  2. Be Honest – The key is to be truthful about the situation without going into unnecessary detail. Always bring the topic back to the fact that you want to work and are ready to take on the responsibilities of the role. 
  3. Fill the Gap – Instead of focusing on what you may be lacking, mention any relevant experiences that could add to your credibility such as freelance work, volunteer or community positions, classes or events that you’ve attended, or any other way that you’ve advanced your professional skills. 
  4. Keep It Brief – Once you’ve addressed the gap and explained what you did during that time, direct the conversation back to your desire and ability to do the job that you’re interviewing for. One way that you can do this is by asking the interviewer a question after you’ve addressed the gap in your resume to the best you can. 
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