Best Practices for Recording a Video Job Application

It can feel awkward to take a video of yourself, especially for a job application. People may think, “How can I make myself sound interesting?” A video allows an employer to get to know a candidate better than an online application. If an employer is looking through a bunch of resumes and cover letters, they have no way of knowing what the person is really like. Here are some tips to make a successful video application:

  • Plan how you are going to film the video: Figure out the best way to respond to the prompt and decide what form of video you will use. Differentiate yourself, but make sure it is natural. Record in an area where it is quiet, good lighting, and make sure you are wearing professional clothes. 
  • Don’t repeat everything that is on your resume: Share something about yourself that your resume won’t emphasize on. Use stories that share about your experience. Show them why you should be hired by how you are going to solve problems for them. Include relevant examples from your resume to show why you would be a great fit for the company. 
  • Have a clear video: Make sure there is not any background noise that could distract from what you are saying. Find a suitable environment to film the video. Use a camera that will produce the best quality for your video. Most phones should be fine, but ensure that the lighting, set-up, and background is professional. 
  • Edit the video: First, watch your video to see how it looks. If you hear background noise, then redo it. There are several video editing applications you can use to make your video look good. For example, iMovie is an easy option for all Apple users and QuickTime is a good option for Windows users. Put in the effort to show the employer who you are and why they should hire you. This is overall a great way to differentiate yourself from the other candidates. 
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