Debunking 3 Job Search Myths

There are countless myths about the job search that stop job seekers in their tracks. Here are three common misconceptions and how to combat them: 

  1. Contact Prospective Employers Digitally: While there is a time and a place to email, LinkedIn message, and apply online, picking up the phone is a surefire way to get in contact with anyone. In today’s day, candidates rarely pick up the phone and call people directly, which will automatically make you stand out from the crowd. A simple message can expedite your candidacy greatly and create a genuine connection with the hiring manager. 
  2. Arrive to an Interview Very Early: This is true to an extent, however, you should not check-in for an interview earlier than 10 minutes. Arriving to the office any earlier than this can be an inconvenience to an employer. Being a maximum of 10 minutes early to check into the front desk gives you enough time to collect yourself and find your way to the meeting place. This shows that you are prepared and considerate of the other person’s time. 
  3. Keep an Updated Resume on Hand: Updating your resume consistently is imperative to your success, but updating your resume for each and every role that you apply for is even more crucial. You should have a standing template to reference, however, input keywords and nuances to appeal to the specific position at hand. There are a variety of resume template websites, such as Novoresume, that make it easy to edit your resume document as you need. 
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