Handling Multiple Job Offers

Receiving multiple job offers at one time can be very exciting. It can also feel confusing, as you may feel unsure of which position to take. It’s normal to take some time to figure out which opportunity will be the best fit for you so that you can make the right decision. Here are four tips that will provide you with strategies to handle multiple job offers. 

  • Don’t rush: Take your time to decide if this role is right for you. Make sure to ask the employer for time to consider the offer. Most employers will allow you time to review other opportunities and complete research on each of the different roles. Think about your goals by looking at the pros and cons. Make sure to ask pertinent questions during your interviews to help make a highly informed decision. 
  • Look at your employer: You want to make sure that you interact and connect well with your potential employer. Try to figure out how the employer they will interact and negotiate with you. Whether they will be your boss, a direct report, or a fellow leader, look for someone thoughtful who is willing to put in their time to help you by providing feedback. Pay attention in the interviews to see if they are a good listener. In regards to the employees and their accomplishments, listen to the hiring manager’s language. Look for the terms “we” and “our”, as these words can help clue you into the team dynamic. 
  • The future: What are your long-term goals? Do you see yourself working for this company in five years? Look at the benefits that each position offers. Will this help you accelerate your career? Look at the pros and cons of each company. Some things to consider include: room for upward mobility, compensation, culture fit, commute length, and the overall goals of the organization. Before starting a job search, write down your long-term goals. 
  • Salary: Don’t make salary the reason you say no to a job that you will love. Of course, you want to at least meet your baseline to ensure you can make ends meet. Be ready to talk about salary during an interview if the topic is brought up by the interviewer. You can let the interviewer know you have other job offers and use that as leverage to negotiate your pay. 
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