How to Stay Organized in Your Job Search

It can be difficult for some people to keep their job search information organized, especially if they are applying to multiple companies. You will have a variety of cover letters and resumes if you are applying to more than one organization or industry. Being disorganized can create troublesome mistakes that people want to avoid. Here are some tips to help you stay organized in your job search:

  • Have clear goals: It is very important to have a clear vision for your career path. Think about what you enjoy doing now and think about what you would enjoy doing 10 years from now. When you create your goals, think about your family, your finances, and your must-haves. 
  • Develop a schedule: Finding a job takes time, so prioritize specific time slots that you are going to dedicate to your job search. You should be spending an hour to two hours per day on your job search. Give yourself tasks that you need to complete each day. For example, spend an hour on Tuesday revising your resume and spend an hour on Wednesday updating your LinkedIn profile. You’ll want to prioritize these tasks first, since they are critical pieces to your job search.
  • Apply to a focused list of companies: In the long run, applying to too many jobs can waste your time and can lead you to be more disorganized. Pay attention to your goals and let them guide your job search. If something doesn’t align with your future goals, then don’t spend your time on it.
  • Make a record of each job you apply to: You must remember all of your job search information in order to look professional. Create an excel sheet that includes the company’s name; recruiter’s name, number, and email; application submission date; interview date; follow-up calls; and your application status. The spreadsheet can help you review all the companies that you have applied to. 
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