Interview Dos and Don’ts

There is no denying that interviewing is the most critical part of the job search. Follow these pointers to blow the interviewer away and land your dream role.


  • Show up early, about 10-15 minutes before your interview.
  • Research the company on social channels and news sources.
  • Prepare questions for the interview.
  • Print extra copies of your resume — at least five in case there are additional interviewers.
  • Wear a professional outfit that appeals to the company and industry.
  • Communicate your interest in the position and your willingness to go above and beyond. 
  • Express your gratitude in person, and send a hand-written note to those you met.
  • Turn off your phone to limit distractions. 
  • Look the interviewer in the eyes when you answer and note your overall body language. 


  • Talk about how hard it was to make it to the interview, even if there was a lot of traffic.
  • Wear too much perfume or distracting accessories that make a lot of noise.
  • Speak about former employers or companies in a negative light, keep things positive.
  • Forget to breathe. Take pauses when needed, there’s no need to rush .
  • Make excuses for missteps in your past. Take ownership to show that you’ve grown. 
  • Bring up inappropriate topics, such as politics or religion, during the interview.
  • Focus on the skills and experience that you don’t have.
  • Mention salary expectations. Wait for the interviewer to bring this up.
  • Expect to know exactly what they’re going to ask, there will always be curveballs.
  • Be afraid to be human!
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