Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Resume

Demonstrating your greatest accomplishments on a single page can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be when you follow these five steps to enhance your resume and land your dream job. 

  1. Share your LinkedIn URL – This may seem counterintuitive considering your profile won’t physically appear on your resume, but hiring managers will view this as a crucial element. For one, they like to see that you have a LinkedIn. It also provides more insight on the work experience that didn’t make it on your resume. Make sure that you customize the URL to be concise and professional, such as Include this link in the headline of your resume next to your name, phone number, location, and professional email address. 
  2. Include Keywords- Create a list of the hard and soft skills that are frequently mentioned on the job descriptions of the positions you’re targeting and add the ones that are most relevant to you. You might see that you have been coming across buzzwords such as “Risk Analysis Skills” or “Strong Leadership Capabilities,” so make sure to include them in your resume. A lot of companies use Applicant Tracking Systems that scan for keywords and select the resumes with the highest matches. The job search is a numbers game, and this is one easy way to increase your odds. 
  3. Build a Strong Summary- If a recruiter or hiring manager is going to look at any part of your resume, it will be the summary portion. Typically, they don’t spend much time on each resume, so it is imperative that you include a biography that reflects who you are, what you want, and why you deserve this position. Speak in an active voice and establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  4. Quantify Your Accomplishments – At the end of the day, the driving force behind any business is to maximize profits. Make sure you convince the recipient that you will save them time and money and increase productivity. In the experience section, include numbers in your key points. This will sound far more impressive and provide specific results you could recreate at the new company. 
  5. Capitalize on Your Experience – Your resume will, of course, show the professional positions that you’ve held in the past, but it should also include any alternative leadership experience. Whether you were the Vice President of Operations for your company, the team leader of a big project, or the Editor-in-Chief of a local newspaper, include the position as it demonstrates your leadership skills and ability to make important decisions. Never mention what you don’t have, always mention what you do have. These supplemental leadership positions demonstrate the tenacity and spirit that hiring managers would be lucky to have on their team. 
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