Unhappy at Work? We’ve Got You.

You may find yourself bored, unchallenged, or under appreciated in your current role. Really, there could be a myriad of reasons that you’re unhappy. This guide only scratches the surface of steps to take if you find yourself in this position.

  • Maintain a morning routine: Our Head Coach Zach Smith has a saying, “Win the Morning, Win the Day.” Regardless of the work that you’re stepping into, maintaining a morning routine is imperative in keeping you on track with your goals. It will bring stability, calm, and a clear mind so that you start your day off right. This will also help set your intentions so you can work toward improving your current work situation or finding a new one.
  • Say your goals out loud: This might seem silly, but actually saying your goals out loud — to yourself or others — will make you more likely to achieve them over the course of the days, weeks, or months ahead. Having this kind of accountability is the key to maintaining success in the future. 
  • Do something every day to work toward your goal: Make sure that you prioritize one item a day to work toward your future career aspirations. You can establish this item during your morning routine. If you’re not in the position that you’d like to be today, you can feel good having accomplished something that you’re really excited about. 
  • Set up informational interviews: If you’re working a full-time job, you likely don’t have a ton of spare time to set up informational interviews. However, this simple explorative act may just be your ticket to discovering where your next move lies. Consider taking one or two lunch breaks a week to set aside time for making networking a priority. 
  • Perform solid work at the job you currently have: Even if you’ve decided your current role isn’t the right one for you, continue to perform the same quality of work that you have contributed thus far. Not only will this impact potential referrals, but it can open other job opportunities in the future if you leave a lasting impression on your coworkers. 
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