Activate Change in People.

Revolutionize workplace engagement through coaching, build lasting relationships with clients, and positively impact a diverse group of companies.


We solve the #1 problem facing career coaches today — enrolling clients. We’ve got you covered.


Work from anywhere and choose your career coaching job schedule. Get support and encouragement in growing your own employee coaching business.


Coaching can be a lonely world, but our community enables our coaches to establish genuine relationships with those who also coach and mentor employees in the workplace.


Become a master-level career coach and strategic partner by working with individuals from a full range of backgrounds and experience levels.


Work with innovative and progressive companies that have missions you want to support. Develop your career coaching skills and get the most out of your job by working with some of the best organizations out there.

“Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them.”

Sir John Whitmore


Anchored by the principles of longevity, systemic coaching, and the whole person approach, the Activate 180 approach drives results and fosters meaningful growth within organizations. Our robust coach trainings and client services are rooted in neuroscience designed for success in any organizational environment.

Systemic: Individual Level, Team Level, Cultural Level
Longevity: On-going process, Long Lasting Change, Sustainable Growth
Whole Person: Fulfilling careers, Fulfilling lives, Work-life harmony

Coach community perks

Growth Workshops

Learning and development workshops for all A180 coaches to come together, skill develop, and discuss coaching practices, methodologies, and approaches that can support and stretch you.

Private LinkedIn Group

Access to our private LinkedIn group where you can connect and network with other Activate 180 coaches, ask questions, share stories, and get insights.

Financial Resources

Activate 180 partners with Continuum Consulting, supporting coaches and clients with financial planning and questions.

Coach Growth 1:1 Support Call

An opportunity to book a personalized 20-minute coaching session with an Activation Specialist to help you navigate challenges, roadblocks, or anything else that may pop up as you continue to grow as a coach.

Coach Growth Office Hours

A safe and stimulating space for our coach community to share success stories, proven practices, and explore shared challenges you might be going through.


Ability to navigate people in gaining clarity around their goals and ambitions.

Experience coaching and mentoring on emotional intelligence, mindset, and behavior change.

Coaching certification and training from an accredited program that is trusted by Activate 180.

Must bring passion, energy, inclusivity, and enthusiasm to your work and to the team.


Apply to be an Activate 180 coach today.

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