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When your people are fulfilled, their performance and your profitability increase. We help improve your employees’ well-being, all while connecting their development and success back to your business.

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We focus on career and life as a whole, allowing for a path toward total fulfillment.

We recognize that every company has unique obstacles and goals that require customized solutions, and we address this need by offering a highly flexible coaching program that is proven to drive passion, retention, performance, and more.

Culture Evolution

We believe a company culture that's inclusive and empowering for all employees, at all levels, is the key to success. Our goal is to help your employees unlock their full potentials, so they can make a big impact.


We integrate seamlessly with your mission, vision, and values, which translates into higher retention. Our coaches bring a vast knowledge base, deep experience, and diverse backgrounds to address the unique needs of each individual client.


 We evolve the way your team communicates and resolves conflicts, creating harmony and productivity. The most successful teams are made up of people who trust one another, are happy, and operate efficiently.


Activate 180 has revolutionized performance coaching for professionals by focusing on the whole person. By activating the potential of each individual and the entire team, our business growth coaches help create long-term, sustainable change in your culture. This equitable solution ensures all of your employees operate as high performers, propelling your business forward.

Systemic: Individual Level, Team Level, Cultural Level
Longevity: On-going process, Long Lasting Change, Sustainable Growth
Whole Person: Fulfilling careers, Fulfilling lives, Work-life harmony



In just three months, 100% of our clients increased their averages in these areas:


Ability to drive results


Clarity around professional goals


Level of self-confidence


Level of self-awareness


Ability to manage stress


Balance between work and personal life

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Employee Opt-in

Growth happens when people choose to, not when they have to. Our process empowers your employees to opt-in to our coaching program. 

Coach Match

We put the person back into personal coaching. We get it, artificial intelligence technology is fascinating, but you can't put empathy in an algorithm. We hand-match your people to coaches that they will build the strongest relationships with, creating change that sticks.

Coach Match
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Our employee development program elevates performance and happiness via monthly one-on-one, 60-minute coaching sessions, and team-building workshops.


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Activate Your People

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“I really wanted to leave behind some of the sentiments that I had coming into a new career… My coaches allowed me to dive deep into those issues and reframe this endeavor as a new challenge that's exciting and something to look forward to.”

“Since using Activate 180, [our] performance has really [been] enhanced … It’s just been a beautiful journey to see how [employees] bring new behaviors, new frameworks to solve problems, and new ways of working to our business.”

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