Why Choose BoardOnTrack Over BoardDocs?

First, we’d like to acknowledge the team at BoardDocs. They’ve built a great product to help charter school boards run effective meetings. If you’re here to understand the difference between BoardOnTrack and BoardDocs, or looking for an alternative, you’re in the right place.

What's the Difference Between BoardOnTrack and BoardDocs?

Sure, there are feature and product differences between the companies (which we get into further down this page if you’re interested), but at its core, BoardOnTrack was built exclusively for charter school boards. This was accomplished with the unmatched knowledge and experience of board governance expert Marci Cornell-Feist, who’s been in the trenches with hundreds of school boards throughout her career.

So if you’re a charter school trustee or CEO, know that we understand firsthand what board meetings, collaborating with trustees, and working with your CEO is like. That’s why we’re able to make the strategic and operational aspects of board governance fool-proof.

We’re passionate about the public charter education movement and truly care whether or not your organization succeeds. It’s no wonder hundreds of charter school boards nationwide trust us with their governance.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Charter Schools Choose BoardOnTrack over BoardDocs

1) Built-In Transparency Guidance

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Each time you set up a meeting, we clearly show the recommended steps and timeline to ensure your board is prepped in advance. With the click of a button, you can post your agendas and minutes on time, every time, straight to your website.

Our standout feature is the Public Portal, offering a calendar view, clear meeting details, and quick access to information. It has been designed specifically for public charter school boards and helps to get the most out of every minute of your time.

We provide the tools to allow you to be transparency compliant and the guard rails to assure you never miss a deadline. This is the definition of open meeting law compliance for the modern public charter school board.

2) We Help Your Board Serve as a Strategic Partner to Your School's CEO

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With BoardOnTrack, your charter school board can provide specific, helpful, and transparent evaluations of your CEO.

Effective leaders want their board to evaluate them. The right CEO support & evaluation process can be a major boon to CEO performance, and that contributes to a stronger organization. Charter school CEOs spend a huge amount of time training, coaching, and supporting their staff. They want the board to do the same for them.

With this platform, you can easily celebrate CEO successes, identify specific areas for improvement, and structure the evaluation with ease, through a road-tested year-round CEO support & evaluation process. BoardOnTrack is the only charter school board platform that offers this.

3) A Simple & User-Friendly Interface

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Our intuitive and easy-to-use online platform reveals not just what your board does, but how to know it’s working. Your board members don’t need any technical expertise to use our platform and we see new users ramp up quickly.

Even our dashboard makes it simple for trustees and CEOs alike to see what meetings are coming up, what tasks are on their plate, or what's overdue.

Boards who have switched from BoardDocs to BoardOnTrack have told us that they love how quickly they can get access to agendas, meeting minutes, video replays and other important documents in a pinch.

4) We’ve Defined the Path to Charter School Board Excellence

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We’ve defined the Path to Excellence through our capability and maturity model, alongside expert guidance from real experts. Our platform provides the specific tools necessary to move your board through the key growth stage. We’re essentially evolving alongside your charter schools’ capabilities.

BoardOnTrack was built specifically for charter school boards. BoardDocs is a generalist because they serve nonprofits, higher education, private schools, traditional school systems, and municipalities. More power to them. But we are built exclusively to meet every need of your charter school governing body.

5) Built Around an Active Committee Structure

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Active committees are the engine of exceptional charter school boards, and they're a top priority of boards nationwide. Our platform is built around this structure to help you establish the right committees and run them as effectively as you do your full board.

When it comes to BoardDocs, you have to purchase their most expensive plan to get access to this critical feature. With BoardOnTrack, you will always know exactly who is on your committee board and precisely what they’re working on.

How BoardOnTrack Compares to Other Charter School Board Platforms

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Remarkable Boards Reaching A Higher Level With Us

What Charter School CEOs and Board Members Say About BoardOnTrack

We didn’t have a CEO evaluation process...

“Before, we didn’t have a CEO evaluation process. It was just, ‘You’re doing a good job.’ Now, we have an established process. I feel reassured that it’s going to happen every year. I feel good about it. The board feels good about it.”


Founder & CEO, Voices College-bound Language Academies

“You can track board member skills, experiences, interests…”

“BoardOnTrack has a place to store key documents, goals, progress against goals, etc. so, again, everything is in one place. And this helps transitions from year to year. You can track board member skills, experiences, interests, etc. which helps during recruitment times. It is easy to see who is rolling off, where you will have gaps, etc”


Chair, Board Governance Committee, Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School

“We have clear roles, good communication…”

“My board does not cause me stress. We have clear roles, good communication… we laugh a lot. I see them as true partners, not work.”


Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Equitas Academy Charter Schools

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