We Put the “E” in DEIB”

Activate 180 Announces a Significantly Expanded DEIB Initiative for Its Clients

By offering equitable coaching to employees at all levels, Activate 180 supports companies in meeting their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives and goals.“The equity component of DEIB is often the most difficult for a company to provide to its employee base. Utilizing Activate 180’s model of individualized coaching for all, companies can now provide developmental coaching that enhances every employee’s ability to grow,” stated Rod McDermott, CEO and Co-Founder of Activate 180. As a result of providing coaching to every employee, from individual contributors to executive leaders, organizations can tap into the innovation, creativity, and effort once overlooked in associates.

Activate 180’s purpose is to help all employees feel fully engaged and weaved into their companies’ culture via one-on-one coaching sessions, culture audits, and inclusive, team-wide monthly experiential workshops. According to Head Coach and Co-founder Zach Smith, the organization’s work ultimately “helps companies develop the tactical skills and synergy needed to navigate through challenging yet necessary conversations around DEIB. Activate 180 offers clients tools that will give them confidence and empower them to share their opinions in an inclusive workplace culture.” This helps companies create a sense of belonging and passion among workers, because employees who feel included – despite their diverse backgrounds and levels of professional experience – are more likely to sense a true connection to their company as well as its mission, values, and goals.

About Activate 180
Activate 180 has made it affordable for anyone who wants a coach to have a coach, not just the executives. Their personalized, one-on-one, monthly coaching sessions elevate employee performance, productivity, and happiness. Activate 180’s well-rounded approach to coaching ensures all areas of your employees’ lives are thriving because when you take care of your employees, they'll take care of your business.

Need Support with Your DEIB Initiatives?

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