How to Engage Employees in a Post-Pandemic Landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic completely transformed the way companies needed to operate in order to maintain their culture, productivity, and employee development. Employees who were used to going into the office daily, attending in-person meetings, and working alongside their peers have had to adjust to working in the solitude of a home office, cramped communal space, or next to their family members who are also working or attending school. This change negatively impacted social capital which ultimately increased stress, reduced morale, and caused many to rethink their ability to work as productively and passionately as they did prior.

As companies transition back to in-person settings, offering coaching to employees can help reestablish synergy between coworkers, create work-related excitement, and encourage workers to find reassurance in their new “normal.”

Encourage Employee Engagement

According to a survey conducted by Gallup, companies with highly engaged workforces are 21% more profitable and experience 59% lower turnover. When top-performing employees are operating at their highest capacities, and are aligned and committed to the mission of a company, they will want to stay long-term. This provides immense value to organizations whose associates are deeply committed to individual and company-wide success.

Creating Team Connection

Providing opportunities for employees to get to know one another or to learn or develop a new skill as a team creates connection and drives engagement. Given that organizations want to reap the benefits of collaboration and innovation as workplace settings continue to evolve, leaders need to create the connectedness that has been lost over the past few years, while employees have been isolated in their homes.

One way to create meaningful team bonding is through company-wide coaching workshops. Activate 180’s monthly team workshops are designed specifically to nurture leadership skills, build team connections, and amplify an equitable company culture. By adding a one-hour personal and professional development workshop to everybody’s monthly schedule, organizations are able to reinforce that health, growth, contentment, and collaboration are priorities while showcasing that caring for their employees as whole people is of the utmost importance. Such an investment will make employees feel valued and guide them to show up stronger across multiple areas of their lives, ultimately benefiting your business’s bottom line.

One-On-One Coaching and Increased Engagement

During one-on-one coaching sessions, coaches can help individuals identify the factors limiting engagement in their personal and professional lives. After all, struggles related to somebody’s finances, relationships, life experiences, career and leadership development, or health and wellness can overlap with other areas of their lives and cause them to feel isolated or uninspired. With the help of professionally trained coaches, individuals can uncover ways to improve all aspects of their lives and overcome hurdles that are inhibiting their contentment and holding them back from becoming their best selves.

Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions, included in Activate 180’s performance coaching program, are a particularly refreshing resource for all of the people who have not had time or space away from their home lives and, as a result, have been unable to relax, reflect, or plan for their futures. As a result of lacking downtime, many have been unable to pursue personal goals, work through obstacles, and recognize stagnance or growth in their lives. By providing one-hour coaching sanctuaries, employers convey to their employees that they are valuable and deserve to invest in themselves. The rejuvenation resulting from a genuine break can immensely benefit the quality of work that individuals complete, their turnaround time on projects, and their willingness to fully engage at work.

Activate Your Employees

One-on-one coaching sessions and company-wide workshops are wonderful opportunities to create engagement, help coworkers connect, and cement a company's mission, values, and goals through actions. Companies who participate in Activate 180’s performance coaching program find that employees’ motivation, passion, participation, innovation, and happiness are boosted. These factors all contribute to increased productivity, personal and company-wide growth, and employee retention, affecting companies’ long-term success.

Zach Smith

Zach has been a trusted voice in mindset, career optimization, and leadership coaching for over 10 years. He has coached thousands of employees across mid-market and enterprise-level organizations, aligning their careers with true calling and passion to create total life fulfillment.


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