A Culture That Prioritizes Employee Engagement

Employee engagement levels are directly correlated with psychological safety and workplace contentment. As a result, it is vital for organizational leaders to establish strong engagement programs that develop trust, create connections, and prioritize overall associate wellness.

Employee engagement programs enable companies to identify employee needs, organizational shortcomings, and how to best overcome pain points to aid well-being and promote an engaging work environment. Rather than tackling each element individually, implementing comprehensive employee coaching could provide a great solution to mitigate disengagement and drive performance, reducing the $550 billion cost of unengaged employees annually.

Coaching is an effective, long-term solution that helps companies seeking to establish cultures of employee engagement by driving employee contentment, participation, and work-related passion. In fact, many companies that offer their people the ability to participate in coaching have seen a 67% increase in employee engagement. This is because coaches contribute to the development of psychologically safe work environments, enabling employees to speak vulnerably about their struggles. As a result, they are more likely to ask for the help they need to succeed, professionally and personally. 

Coaches can help individuals generate habits to better manage their goals and stressors. They also provide tools to maintain an accepting workplace culture, where individuals can communicate with and rely on their supervisors and one another for support. Providing coaches at no cost to employees signals that a company is deeply invested in the overall well-being and development of its workers. Leaders that offer coaching as a benefit often find that their employees perform better, creating a culture of employee engagement and increasing the profitability of their businesses. 

Employee coaching provides various components – such as one-on-one sessions, monthly experiential workshops, and team bonding activities – that encourage connection and foster a culture of employee engagement. This approach ensures all areas of employees’ lives are thriving while connecting their success back to their companies. Ultimately, organizations that invest in the creation of an engaging work environment, propelling the development, satisfaction, and wellness of their people, will find that their employees show up stronger and bring more innovative mindsets.

Patrycja Skurzak

Patrycja is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Facilitator, and Neurolinguistic Practitioner, empowering employees to operate at their peak performance level. With her background in neuroscience and psychology, she has strengthened and developed the Activate 180 coaching methodology to produce optimized results for companies and their teams.


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